Conference Topics

Biological Engineering
Biochemical and bioprocess engineering, systems and synthetic biology, protein and metabolic engineering, applications of bioengineering/biotechnology in the environmental, agro-food and health sectors, molecular biology, biofouling, biomaterials, cellular and tissue engineering, pharmaceutical engineering & drug delivery, bionanotechnology.

Chemical Engineering Fundamentals and Practice
Mass and energy transfer, thermodynamics, mixing, plant operations, chemical reaction engineering, catalysis, product design, separations, solids handling, and particle technology.

Chemicals and Materials
Materials, metals, industrial gases, nanomaterials, petrochemicals, polymers and composites, pharmaceuticals, food (as related to chemicals and materials), and specialty chemicals.

Education and Society
New models and practices for education, computer-aided educational modules for teaching. Outreach, public perception, how to innovate, open innovation, and innovation strategy.


Fossil fuels, alternative energy, fuel cells, biofuels, carbon management, nuclear energy, the energy-water nexus, energy policy, efficiency, solar, and sustainability metrics for energy systems.

Multi-scale Modeling and Simulation
Process systems engineering, process synthesis and design, process control and operations, advances in computational and numerical methods, software architecture, standards and interfaces, computational chemistry, (bio)molecular modeling, computational fluid dynamics, CAPE.

Sustainability and Environment
Green engineering, sustainable supply chains, water, air and soil, measuring sustainability, business strategies and the economics of sustainability, as well as the social aspects, process safety, carbon issues.





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